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FacileForms 1.4.7 Security Release
« il: 07 Ago 2007, 06:17:07 »
Questo è importante e lo segnalo

FacileForms 1.4.7 Security Release
Written by Peter Koch   
Thursday, 28 September 2006

A cross-site scripting vulnerability has been identified and fixed in the FacileForms 1.4.7 Security Release. The vulnerability required either PHP's register globals to be enabled, or the RG_EMULATION setting of Joomla/Mambo to on (1) which is unfortunately the default in current joomla and mambo installations. If both register globals as well as RG_EMULATION are off, the exploit was not possible.

It is advised to upgrade to 1.4.7 ASAP, and for your own safety also turn off register globals and RG_EMULATION. FacileForms 1.4.7 is available now in the Download Section, and there is a patch available for 1.4.6g as well.

Significa che è stata rilevata una falla di sicurezza che richiede rg_emulation on che sfortunatamente joomla e mambo hanno di default attivato.
se register globals e rg_emulation sono off non c'è nessun problema.

magari cercherò di integrarlo nel file di download appena torno da Miami.
scusate il ritardo.



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