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Autore Topic: Nuova feature "fade" aggiunta a Sigplus dallo sviluppatore Levente Hunyadi  (Letto 1133 volte)

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Buongiorno a tutti,
vorrei informare che dietro mia esplicita richiesta il plugin Sigplus si arricchito di un nuovo effetto, grazie al quale ora possibile ottenere delle transizioni in fading nella finestra principale "rotator".

Posto qui di seguito quanto mi ha scritto lo sviluppatore Levente Hunyadi, che davvero superdisponibile!

It's now possible to opt in to the fade transition effect for navigation buttons "Previous" and "Next".
The animation is exactly the same as if you clicked the navigation buttons below the slider that jump to a specific page (e.g. 2 or 5).
First, download the latest beta release from my website:

Don't bother with the version number but pay attention to the last modified date.
Even if you have this (beta) version of sigplus, re-install from the latest beta package.
Open the sigplus plugin configuration page "Plugins: Content - Image gallery - sigplus". Click the tab "Advanced settings" and look for "Additional settings".
Here, type "rotator:transition=fade" in the text box (without enclosing quotes).
(Use a new line for each key=value pair if you already have some others.) This will pass the "transition" configuration option to the rotator engine, which will in turn use the "fade" effect for navigating to previous/next. (The default value is "slide".)
Click "Save".

Note that this is a beta feature.
Please experiment with it and share your thoughts.
Also, please don't forget to test the regular slide transition effect, which may have (though likely has not) been adversely affected by this change but would be very important to keep intact for the sake of other users.

Best regards,

Levente Hunyadi
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