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errore installazione nuovo template
« il: 04 Giu 2006, 17:32:52 »
Ciao a tutti, sto cercando di installare un nuovo template ma quando clicco su NEW in sito > gestione template > template del sito mi compare il seguente messaggio:

This web host is running a particular implementation of PHP where executable scripts are possibly being executed by a process with an effective uid different to that of the file uid of exisitng Mambo PHP scripts. Using normal installation, any new component or module script files, directories or other files such as images will be owned by the apache server process. In order for mambo to function correctly, these new files and directories will need to have their file permissions set to 777 (all rwx). This allows other scripts to read these files properly. The installer will ensure that permissions are set properly. However, this compromises web security since now certain files will be writable by any script created by the apache server process.

To maintain consistent file ownership and improve security, it is advised that the FTP Assist option be used to assist in this installation. By checking the 'Use FTP Assist' checkbox below, the site FTP User name, Password, and Host name should be entered in the textbox areas provided. The FTP password is not stored within Mambo and is used only briefly before being deleted for security reasons. Note that FTP assist can be used for either 'Upload...' or 'Install from Directory' install options.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getpublicproperties() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 558

Avevo il problema del safe mode su on e l'ho sistemato.
Prima di fare questo però avevo installato la patch del safe mode che si trova qui:

Qualcuno sa dirmi come posso fare per risolvere il problema e installare i tempalte normalmente?

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Re:errore installazione nuovo template
« Risposta #1 il: 13 Giu 2009, 11:19:41 »
secondo me devi modificare i permessi nelle cartelle dove va ad installare il template.

prova a rendere "scrivibile" queste cartelle



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